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Garage Full Throttle is one place you could come for all your services and maintenance. With our highly trained mechanics, we will bring back your pride to alive. Like always, Like never before


  • Will not void your warranty
  • Vehicle handbook and stamp of approval.
  • Take confidence in our specialised service


Your brake system is very important, so trust it to the specialists. Our spare part/workshop team will solve your brake problem, with expert, professional advice.

Common Brake Problem:

  • Soft, Spongy, Low pedal
  • Hard Pedal
  • Steering Wheel Shake and Vibration
  • Squealing, Grinding noises

Brake Pads Brands We Use:

  • Bendix
  • RDA
  • TRW
  • EBC
  • Hawk
  • Bremtec

If you have any questions about your brakes, call the expert team at Garage Full Throttle or BOOK IN NOW!


Early assessment of your clutch could potentially save you money. Call the clutch specialist today.

Common Clutch Problem:

  • Clutch slipping
  • Clutch sticking/grabbing
  • Change in clutch pedal feel
  • Noise when depressing clutch pedal

Brands We Use :

  • Clutch Industries (CI)
  • Exedy
  • HCB (Valeo)
  • Extreme

If you have any questions about Clutch servicing, Call the expert team at Garage Full Throttle or BOOK NOW!